1U digital amplifier Professional Stage Audio Power Amplifier
D-series power amplifiers are employing the mature and efficient D circuit design and using high quality and reliable components. They have 8 different models, rated from 800W (8 ohm) to 3000W (8 ohm).Compact and light weight with 1U small size, D-series amplifier have a complete and high speed protection system in case of overheating, overloading, DC output etc. Each model includes independent logic wide range power supply, which are designed to provide a great solution for all kinds of power requirements.

a. Class D circuit provide high efficiency,energy saving and low operation.
b. Comply with the safety and EMC standards.
c. The size (1U) and weight are only 1/3 of tradition amplifier.
d. 90~260VAC / 50~60HZ wide range power supply.
e. First-class components from international high-end manufacturers.
f. Temperature control fan for quiet operation.
g. Modular design and maintenance is convenient.
h. Very suitable for mobile show.
I. Reasonable design makes you feel relaxed in the process of using.
j. Environmental protection


Dimension: 483*370*44mm

Weight: 9kg

CVR-2002 2000wX2, 8Ohm RMS Power Amplifier



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